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Alfasigma is passion for the future

A winning strategy is far-seeing, both in space and time; implementing research and technology to constantly improve its products, opening up new frontiers, extending to new markets, never content with the immediate result but always seeking the next step forward, these are the primary goals of Alfasigma’s strategy.
An outward-looking strategy in order to maintain the excellence of the Italian pharmaceutical industry at the highest level in Europe and the world through continuous dialogue with the international scientific community; but also able to look within, to improve and better coordinate all the group’s activities and ensure their maximum efficiency with a painstaking system of corporate governance, in which the fundamentals are the passion and enthusiasm of each individual collaborator. These are the driving forces that project Alfasigma upwards and beyond the present to a future that must respond in an increasingly effective and precise way to the demands of the society of which it must take care.


Alfasigma is passion for science

Scientific research is one of the engines of development for Alfasigma. Research targeted at growth and continuous innovation, for which Alfasigma invests the resources required to remain in step with a world that changes rapidly and is increasingly globalised in a sector, that of pharmaceuticals, that is evolving extremely rapidly. In line with its tradition, the work of research and development in Alfasigma’s historic bases in Bologna and Pomezia has resulted, over the years, in molecules such as rifaximin, carnitine, sulodexide and parnapatin gaining full acknowledgement by the international scientific community.
No less important for Alfasigma is biotechnological research, in particular in experimenting with new systems of transport of oncological medicines with the aim of ensuring their effectiveness at the target sites, at the same time minimising any collateral effects on the patient.


Alfasigma is passion for technology

Alongside research, there must be a constant increase in the study and application of new technologies in order to attain the highest qualitative standards and the utmost efficiency from the perspective of a continual improvement of the production processes.
The excellent quality level achieved by Alfasigma in this field is certified by the authorisations of all the regulatory bodies in Europe and beyond.
In order to maintain the highest levels, remarkable resources are deployed, both human and financial, so that the production factories in Alanno, Pomezia and Sermoneta are equipped with the best means in order to remain at the cutting edge and contribute to creating continuously evolving know-how.
All this, combined with the traditional production for third party companies, enables Alfasigma, along with the whole of the Italian pharmaceutical sector, to form an industrial hub that is among the leaders in Europe in terms of exports, second only to Germany.


Alfasigma is passion for competition in different geographical areas

Alfasigma, with its great solidity, is among the five leading Italian-owned pharmaceutical companies in the national arena and is widely present on the international market not only in terms of the quantity of products but also because it can rely on a vast number of associate and subsidiary companies in addition to a network of distributors that guarantees diffusion on five continents and almost 80 countries.
Looking to the future, a key factor in growth lies in Alfasigma’s internationalisation through action plans: alongside the geographical expansion is the rolling out of a direct presence by extending the network of distributors.
The recent acquisition of an American company places Alfasigma among the major Italian players, both in terms of turnover and the rate of innovation in the USA market, the leading market in the world. Internationalisation is not only taking the company to new markets but is also bringing significant opportunities for comparison and the exchange of ideas, new technologies and operating methods in order to be increasingly competitive and equal to the expectations of users who become more attentive and demanding every day, never forgetting the ethical values with regard to the sick.

Human resources

Alfasigma is passion for the work

Alfasigma knows perfectly well that it is the people who make a company great, in any sector. Alfasigma knows that its real capital is human capital. It is due to the impressive and diligent participation of employees and collaborators in all the business activities that Alfasigma can aim at continuous unstoppable growth. Indeed, not only does the company invest resources in the training and qualification of its internal personnel but also, and increasingly, it hires graduates and diploma holders, who make up more than 90% of all the human resources employed. Because the passion that makes Alfasigma stand out comes from people.
The tremendous and unique sense of belonging of the men and women of Alfasigma is therefore the impulse for fully enhancing the potential in every field of action and for tackling every challenge with the serene spirit of those who know that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.

Employment opportunities at Alfasigma

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