Our Mission

Alfasigma’s roots are firmly planted in Italy where its historic premises are located, the research centres and the production plants, but its branches stretch out to a large part of the world with its network of associate and subsidiary companies on five continents.
It is a vast constellation that ensures Alfasigma has the people and the resources to produce and distribute medicines for a broad variety of therapeutic areas ranging from prescription medicines to self-medication, many of which are the outcome of research begun in the early nineteen sixties.
Alfasigma’s primary aim is to pursue its development through international expansion, using its values of rigour, expertise and organisation, never forgetting that it takes passion to strive for high levels of excellence. Passion for the future, for science, for technology, for the care and wellbeing of people. In a nutshell, making “pharmaceuticals with passion”.

Alfasigma takes care of people and their health problems in full respect of ethical values and to strive for a better world.