Alfasigma joins with CBM to build 4 inclusive schools in Kenya

Alfasigma has been working for children with disabilities in the world’s poorest countries for ten years alongside CBM, the largest international humanitarian organization committed to the prevention and treatment of blindness and other disabilities in the countries of the southern hemisphere.

This year, the Alfasigma group decided to support a new CBM project to promote the inclusive education of children with disabilities in 4 primary schools in the county of Nairobi in Kenya.

Thanks to the substantial contribution of Alfasigma, the project will begin with actions to:

  • remove the architectural barriers by building ramps, adequate entrances and accessible bathrooms;
  • provide furniture, proper educational materials, visual and mobility aids for children with disabilities.

School: a dream for children with disabilities.

In the countries of the southern hemisphere, 90% of children with disabilities do not go to school.

Do you know why?

  • Schools are often far away and blind children or children with physical impairments cannot reach them.
  • There are no qualified teachers, able to teach children with visual, hearing, or psychosocial impairments.
  • Schools are not physically accessible to children with visual or physical impairments (no ramps, no suitable desks or bathrooms…).
  • Schools do not have appropriate teaching materials (books in Braille, tactile or sound-emitting toys).
  • Parents of children with disabilities often do not send their children to school because they do believe they are not able to learn anything.

Inclusive education: what does it mean?

In the inclusive nursery schools and schools supported by CBM, children with visual, hearing, physical or psychosocial impairments study, play and grow up together with all the other children.

Thanks to special educational materials and the work of local qualified teachers, they not only learn to read and write, to communicate in Braille or with sign language, but also how to take care of themselves, become independent and develop their talents.

The corporate social commitment of Alfasigma is changing the lives of generations of children with disabilities in Kenya and is promoting a model of an inclusive society, where all children can cultivate their talents and fulfil their potential.