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Cultural values:
Integrity, Tenacity and Passion

Our culture is based on three core values: Integrity, Tenacity and Passion.

Integrity means that we ask our employees, managers and collaborators to operate in a transparent, respectful and honest way and always being accountable for their actions. No compromise on integrity means that we want to keep our reputation of the company constituted by honest and reliable people.

Tenacity is well summarized by this business motto: “Never give up!”. We demand from everybody a perseverant and tenacious approach to all projects and activities. Our story is deeply rooted in tenacity embodied by our people. The same for some of our products that have shown an extreme resilience during these 70 and more years.

“Pharmaceuticals with passion” is our corporate payoff. We are strongly convinced that people can go the extra-mile only if they fuel their job with passion. Passion in everything we do, passion for our products and their impact on patients. Passion as made in Italy.
We require that our employees believe in our corporate values. We have designed a set of desired behavioural standards that represents a compass for decision-making and for facilitating the exercise of one's role in the company. Put into practice with consistency and proactivity, the Leadership model allows our people to refine their skills, develop talent and improve the individual contribution.

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In 2019 Alfasigma adopted a new Leadership Model that prescribes five preferred behaviors to be put into practice daily.
Alfasigma is a place where you can leave your mark, if you share company values and desired behaviour.


During COVID-19 emergency, we strived to solidify and maintain our relationships with stakeholders by supporting them through numerous initiatives across the world.

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