Our Company / Leadership Model


Our Company / Leadership Model


In 2019 Alfasigma adopted a new Leadership Model that prescribes five preferred behaviors to be put into practice daily.
The choice and definition of behavior was carried out through a co-creation process that involved middle management and top management. Once identified, the five behaviors were launched and proposed to the rest of the company, linking them to company performance and recognitions. The desired behaviors represent a compass for decision-making and for facilitating the exercise of one’s role in the company. Put into practice with consistency and proactivity, the Leadership Model allows you to refine your skills, develop talented people and improve your individual contribution.

Act with team spirit

  • Pride of belonging
  • Interfunctional approach
  • Networking

Drive innovation

  • Challenge the status quo
  • Be curious and look around
  • Agile approach “do more with less”

Communicate clearly

  • Share information
  • Give timely feedback
  • Explain the reason why

Do the right thing and more

  • Accountability and entrepreneurship
  • “Going the extra mile”
  • Decisions with courage and ethics

Provide value with people

  • Delegate to empower people
  • Keep motivation high
  • Act as a coach

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Alfasigma is a place where you can leave your mark, if you share company values and desired behaviour.
Our culture is based on three core values: integrity, tenacity and passion.
Our purpose is a better health and a better quality of life for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers.

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