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Therapeutic areas

VEIN WEEK – Alfasigma leader among Vascular partners worldwide

This year, Alfasigma will be Sponsor of the Vein Week, organized by v-WIN Foundation (Scientific Society in Phlebology). The initiative will take place from April, 5th to 11th and on the occasion, a Geomap Calendar software was developed, showing, within an interactive map, vascular events uploaded to the platform by the organizers themselves, upon approval of v-WIN Foundation.

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Therapeutic areas


Gastrointestinal therapeutics are our specialty. Everyday we strive to give a concrete answer to functional gastro-intestinal disorders, gastro-oesophageal reflux disorder, hepatic encephalopathy and chronic liver disease (cirrhosis).


Vascular investigation is a company corporate mission. Venous diseases, lower extremity artery disease, diabetic microangiopathies and ventricular arrhythmia are the main pathologies in which we offer solutions.


In the metabolic area, our R&D has developed Carnitine, an amino acid derivative whose insufficiency can impair the metabolism of essential tissues, such as those of the heart and muscles.

Nutraceuticals & Medical foods

With our supplements, we are responding to the demand for a vast range of elements aimed at neural tissue well-being, recovery of muscle tone and combating physical and mental fatigue.



During COVID-19 emergency, we strived to solidify and maintain our relationships with stakeholders by supporting them through numerous initiatives across the world.

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