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Therapeutic areas


Gastrointestinal therapeutics are our specialty. Everyday we strive to give a concrete answer to functional gastro-intestinal disorders, gastro-oesophageal reflux disorder, hepatic encephalopathy and chronic liver disease (cirrhosis).


Vascular investigation is a company corporate mission. Venous diseases, lower extremity artery disease, diabetic microangiopathies and ventricular arrhythmia are the main pathologies in which we offer solutions.


In the metabolic area, our R&D has developed Carnitine, an amino acid derivative whose insufficiency can impair the metabolism of essential tissues, such as those of the heart and muscles.

Nutraceuticals & Medical foods

With our supplements, we are responding to the demand for a vast range of elements aimed at neural tissue well-being, recovery of muscle tone and combating physical and mental fatigue.

Serving the medical-scientific community

doctorAsyou provides physicians and researchers with easier and smarter access to the most relevant EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) topics.
The doctorAsyou search engine is updated daily and returns over 30 million abstracts, combining the three most authoritative databases in the world: Pubmed, ICRTP,
lf you're searching for a scientific article, a paper, an abstract or more, try to use it directly from this search bar.



During COVID-19 emergency, we strived to solidify and maintain our relationships with stakeholders by supporting them through numerous initiatives across the world.

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