Corporate social responsibility

The highlights of the sustainability report

Summary of the Sustainability Report 2022

Alfasigma's business strategy is closely linked to the principles of sustainability. We support scientific dissemination and play a proactive role in the fields of culture, art, and civil society. We recognize that a pharmaceutical company is also a cultural entity. 

The dignity of a person is not only about being healthy but encompasses all aspects of life and the environment in which they live, reflecting an idea of the overall well-being of society. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of our company's DNA and constitutes one of its distinctive characteristics. For years, Alfasigma has enthusiastically embraced the expectations that society has for businesses to take on specific commitments to the community, its educational growth, culture, and the environment. Therefore, music and theater, as well as science and art, culture, education, and the environment, are the areas where the most significant initiatives take place.

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Mutual growth, transparency and patient centricity are the values that guide our dialogue with the medical community.
Listening to the patients and supporting those who care for them is one of our most important goals.

Integrity, transparency, ethical values: key elements of Alfasigma’s corporate culture.


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