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We are an international pharmaceutical company. Our headquarters are based in Italy, where we are deeply rooted as one of the leading companies in primary care.
Thanks to our 22 subsidiaries around the world and several top distributors, we distribute our products in more than 100 countries, with a global turnover in 2022 exceeding 1.2 billions euro.
Half of this turnover is a result of our proprietary molecules, designed and developed in our R&D centers (Rifaximin, Sulodexide, Carnitine, L-methylfolate, Parnaparin).
Our second market is the US. After the acquisition of Pamlab in 2016, we now have a strong hold in the nutraceuticals and medical food sectors.
Russia, Spain, Romania, China, Poland, France and Mexico are our other main markets.


€ 1.2

billions in 2022

€ 554.6

millions in Italy

€ 656.9

millions RoW + Export & Licensing

Others 48% 5 Proprietary molecules (Rifaximin, Sulodexide, Carnitine, L-Methylfolate, Parnaparin) 52%








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An international pharmaceutical company founded in Italy, an organization of people led by the passion for pharmaceuticals.
Alfasigma is a leading company in Contract Manufacturing, a unique partner in outsourcing activities for the manufacturing of nearly all pharmaceutical forms.
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