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Over the course of the years, Alfasigma has established collaborative relationships with
numerous patients associations – non-profit organisations that have made offering better assistance to patients and tangible support to caregivers their mission. Through this collaboration, Alfasigma has positioned itself to understand the priorities and needs of patients and help organisations spread information about disease, drug and treatment.
These associations are supported through donations or sponsorship programmes and activities that share common goals: promoting the spread of knowledge on specific disorders, stimulate research and protect the right to health.
In compliance with its Code of Ethics and principles of transparency, Alfasigma periodically publishes and updates the list of patient associations it has supported. 

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Social contract between the company and internal and external stakeholders having a normative value for the entire Alfasigma system.


During COVID-19 emergency, we strived to solidify and maintain our relationships with stakeholders by supporting them through numerous initiatives across the world.
Reporting an adverse event is important in order to safeguard the patients who are taking it and ensure a favourable benefit-risk balance for the population.

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