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Treatments of vascular patients in phlebology, vascular surgery, angiology and internal medicine are our mission topics. Venous and arterial dseases with thrombotic risk, diabetic microangiopathies (eye, foot, kidney) and ventricular arrhythmia are the progressive chronic diseases toward which we address our therapies to better patients’ QoL.


of female population

is affected by Chronic Venous Disease1


million cases

of Peripheral Artery Disease all over the world1


diabetes prevalence

among world population (EASD Report 2019)1

Vascular Pathologies Investigation

70 years of corporate history has developed a solid drugs’ pipeline which is continuously being strengthen and widen, renewing brands’ life cycle and developing product extension line. 
Sulodexide is a heparin-like therapy with indications in arterial and venous diseases with thrombotic risk. Branded as Vessel in Italy, Aterina in Spain and Vessel Due F all over the world, is an efficacious and safe treatment for re-thrombosis prevention w.o. bleeding risk increase. Sulodexide is approved in over 30 countries for venous and arterial diseases with thrombotic risk and diabetic microangiopathies (eye, foot, kidney). Moreover, Sulodexide is recommended in international guidelines for chronic venous ulcer healing (UIP / ESVS 2015, EVF 2018), for pulmonary embolism prevention (ESC 2019) and post-thrombotic syndrome prevention (EVF 2020). 
Sulodexide clinical relevance is concerned especially with its efficacy and safety in extended treatment of post-thrombotic patients after discontinuing oral anticoagulants (Andreozzi GM, 2015; ESC, 2019) / Post-Thrombotic Syndrome prevention and Chronic Venous Ulcer treatment (EVF, 2020), especially among high bleeding risk patients (i.e <over-75) or low thrombotic risk patients (i.e. female gender). 
Moreover, Sulodexide is clinically relevant for not ischemic patients with claudicatio intermittens, for which the treatment with oral anticoagulants add on aspirin increases the individual bleeding risk too much (Jawien, 2019). Last but not least, Sulodexide is relevant as an add on therapy to lower extremity revascularization (PTA) for Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) patients which risk leg amputation, as in Not Proliferative Diabetic Retinopahty (NPDR) to reduce hard exudates leakage and progression to the proliferative form which cause blindness. 
Sulodexide is even relevant in maintaining the glomerular filtration speed (eGFR) useful to reduce the progression to End Stage Renal Disease (ESDR) progression.
Active research of new therapeutics for vascular disease treatment is an Alfasigma paramount.

1 Vascular pathologies with thrombotic risk affect large sections of population. Chronic Venous Disease impacts up to 50% of female population, causing disabling CVU in up to 1% of cases, which weighs close to 2% of healthcare costs in western countries. There are 1.6 million VTE events in the US and EU only each year, while Peripheral Artery Disease is estimated for 200 million cases all over the world. Diabetes prevalence is estimated at 8.3% (EASD Report 2019) among world population, of which 35% affected by Diabetic Retinopathy and 6.3% by Diabetic Foot, while over 2.2 mln are the casualties linked with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

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Our Research & Development Department is focused on three main therapeutic areas: gastroenterology, vascular disease & neuroscience disorders.
With over 55 products in 9 therapeutic areas, Alfasigma is a key player in the Italian pharmaceutical industry, boasting a portfolio ranging from prescription specialties and over-the-counter products all the way to nutraceuticals.
Gastrointestinal therapeutics are our specialty. Everyday we strive to give a concrete answer to functional gastro-intestinal disorders, gastro-oesophageal reflux disorder, hepatic encephalopathy and chronic liver disease (cirrhosis).

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