The acquisition process, already announced last August, was completed on schedule and marks the beginning of the integration process of the two companies.

Alfasigma steadies its leadership in the gastrointestinal area and in the research on microbiota by aiming to expand its presence in the international market.

Alfasigma S.p.A. has completed the acquisition of SOFAR S.p.A., thus officially beginning the integrating process of the two companies.

The transaction, which was launched last August and was scheduled for completion in October 2022, was successfully completed in full compliance with the planned timeline.

Alfasigma is one of the leading multinational pharmaceutical companies with over €1 billion turnover in 2021, R&D facilities in Bologna and Pomezia, 3 production plants in Italy and 2 abroad, about 3,000 employees, an on-site presence in 17 markets plus an indirect presence in about 70 countries.

SOFAR is an Italian pharmaceutical company active in the research, production, and marketing of drugs, medical devices, and dietary supplements -with a long-standing tradition and well known to professionals and patients- with a turnover of more than 100 million, 150 references marketed in more than 10 therapeutic areas and 300 employees worldwide.

Moreover, SOFAR brings in 54 years of history in the field of gastroenterology and a product portfolio highly complementary to the Alfasigma’s one.

"This acquisition," says Stefano Golinelli, Chairman of Alfasigma, "will get our company the ultimate consolidation in the Italian market and an even stronger focus in the gastroenterology area, thus adding into our company’s ambitious growth strategy and taking up the challenge strongly wished by my father, Cavaliere Marino Golinelli, to always look ahead to the future".

Both companies are sensibly inclined to innovation. SOFAR in particular has developed, through the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park in Bergamo, a center of excellence in microbiota research, whereas Alfasigma is developing a pipeline of products focused on the gastrointestinal area.

The integration between the two companies, through the enhancement of their respective scientific know-how, will enable an even more leading positioning in the gastrointestinal area, an area in which SOFAR records more than 80 percent of its sales.

"Alfasigma has a clear goal in mind: to focus on innovation, to become increasingly stronger on the gastrointestinal area and to maximize the international market’s potential. We are one of the leading multinational pharmaceutical companies with Italian capital, we’re starting from a solid present which is at the same time full of potential for the future, with great opportunities for improvement," explains Francesco Balestrieri Chief Executive Officer of Alfasigma who adds, "We want to be more international, more specialty care and more focused on the gastroenterological area. We still have ample room to develop the current portfolio, starting by the international expansion of the Consumer Healthcare division. The physiological growth will take place together with a major inorganic development both globally and in Europe in order to develop our R&D pipeline in Gastro specialty areas. The goal is to more than double our revenues in 10 years" notes the CEO.

The synergy between the two companies will lead to the expansion of Alfasigma's product range in Italy and in foreign markets, adding to its portfolio SOFAR's products: Pentacol, Enterolactis and Gerdoff for the gastrointestinal area; Cistiflux and Siler for the gynecological/urological area.


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