Alfasigma Spa, corporate announcement

The merger between the 3 Italian companies Alfa Wassermann, Sigma-Tau and Biofutura within Alfasigma SpA has been announced last August 1st.


On September 6th, the Trade Unions representative and the workers council met in Milano with Alfasigma Management and the company “Industrial Plan” has been presented.

The key pillars are:

  • Alfasigma SpA will become the parent company of the Group hosting the corporate and the Italian market functions
  • The Italian sites will have different functions and missions.
  • Bologna will become the Corporate headquarter and will host Corporate and top management positions.
  • Milan will host the International Division
  • Pomezia, Alanno and Sermoneta will be more and more focused as manufacturing sites.
  • Alfasigma will also invest in the coming years in the improvement of the above manufacturing facilities.
  • Alfasigma will invest substantial more resources in R&D and product innovation, including Business Development.
  • The commercial Sales Force dedicated to the Italian market will be reshaped with more focus on key therapeutic area and growing brands.
  • Consumer Healthcare business will be integrated as well, holding a key player position in the Italian Commercial Health Care market.

This transformational transaction is an important step of the Group sustainable growth strategy.

Alfasigma will continue to invest to strengthen its international footprint, and to build significant commercial infrastructure in Europe, USA, Asia and RoW.

The international growth strategy is and will remain a key driver for Alfasigma, the rebranding of the former Alfa Wassermann and Sigma-Tau affiliates has been already completed in the last months, and in most of the countries Alfasigma is already operating under this corporate brand name.

Following the implementation of the industrial plan, 358 employees will become redundant and 87 of them, will have to move to another site. Lay – off and employees deployment will affect only the Italian operations.

Alfasigma will continue to negotiate with workers council and trade unions to find a good agreement for our employees that have to leave the company or move to different working places.

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