In Piazza con Marino - A tribute event to Marino

Fondazione Golinelli organizined, on Saturday, February 17, a special day to pay tribute to Marino Golinelli, philanthropist, entrepreneur, researcher and art lover.

The event held in Bologna, in Piazza Maggiore, by actively engaging citizens of all ages in a board game called “In Piazza con Marino”. The game was set up in the so called “Crescentone”, the granite square flooring, with five stations placed following Voronoi diagram, a technique based on mathematical and geometrical rules and visible also in nature.

The square was divided into pieces, covered with coloured carpet, which became the stage for experiential and collaborative activities, with gamification dynamics amplified by digital technology.

The game stations was inspired by works of the private collection of Marino and Paola Golinelli, currently displayed at Golinelli Arts and Science Center in the exhibition “Marino’s Favourites. Chapter I”.


Credits: Photo by Rodolfo Giuliani



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