#LeaveYourMark with Alfasigma!

#LeaveYourMark is back. #LeaveYourMark 2022 goes international sharing thoughts and experiences of Alfasigma colleagues from all over the world online.

#LeaveYourMark will explore some of our key task:

  • Improving patients' quality of life.
  • Shaping the future of a multinational company.
  • Supporting caregivers, physicians and pharmacists.

The campaign is externally live on our social media platforms (LinkedInFacebookInstagram) and internally.

How to leave a mark in the world of healthcare? Let Carlos, Katrien, Laura, Ashraf, Maria, Sara, Simon​​​​​​​ and many more tell us how...

The success of the first edition

Voices & faces of the first edition of #LeaveYourMark - Marco, Federica, Raffaele, Elena, Roberta, Benedetta and Caterina - narrated their experience in Alfasigma, focusing in particular on how it is possible to "leave a mark" in the development of the company and in improving the health and quality of life of patients, caregivers and health care personnel.


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