COVID-19 outbreak: Alfasigma donates over 100.000 euros to Romanian Hospitals

  • Alfasigma has supported more than 75 hospitals to purchase the protective materials they urgently need.
  • Alfasigma is an international pharmaceutical company headquartered in Italy
  • This donation is part of a larger effort in favor of Health Care stakeholders in their fight against COVID-19


Alfasigma Romania SRL, local subsidiary of Alfasigma group has decided to donate more than 100.000 euros to more than 75 Romanian Hospitals all around the country.

This donation is part of a larger program of support and helps in favor of national healthcare systems and their stakeholder, in their fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic, all around the world. While in Italy Alfasigma is supporting in particular “family doctors”, together with other Italian firms, providing personal protective equipment and funds to some local areas severely affected by the contagion, in other countries the company has taken part to industry contributions.

From China to Italy, from Belgium to Romania, Alfasigma has immediately started a number of preventive measures in order to counteract Coronavirus outbreak. Employees in all the countries has been placed in remote working, visits and travels were suspended, offices and manufacturing plants have been secured with strict sanitary precautions and a task -force is in place all the countries in order to safeguard the life of employees, their families and HealthCare stakeholders.

Alfasigma is also participating to Research and Development of new drugs, as announced recently with GEFACOVID project, a massive aggregation of subjects between universities (Padova, Brescia, Torino, Trieste, Essex, Essen, Madrid, Munich, Maastricht, Isfahan), Institutions (Istituto Nazionale Malattie Infettive-Spallanzani, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, INSERM Brest, SINH-Shanghai), Foundations (Aviralia, Lorenzini), private companies (ThermoFisher, BBraun, ABBVIE, Alfasigma, DaVinciDigital Therapeutics, Novartis), Start-ups (Bioscience Genomics, Personal Genomics, Diatheva, TOMA Impact Lab Group, GenDx, PharmGenetix GmdH), that aims to find the right answers to what is still unknown about SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for over 40 thousand deaths in 192 countries.

Alfasigma Country Manager, Carmela Negulescu, comments: “We are proud to make our part in this fight against COVID-19, not only continuing to supply medicines to hospitals and pharmacies but also through this donation, that is a concrete sign of our social responsibility. We are deeply grateful to the dedication, courage, sacrifice and the professionalism of our doctors who fight in the front line against the terrible invisible enemy-Covid-19, which took so many lives around the world”.

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