Online About Carnitine: the new portal for healthcare professionals

About Carnitine is the leading online global destination for healthcare professionals worldwide, offering the latest medical insights, expert perspectives and relevant professional education about the L-Carnitine molecule.

The objectives of this project are:  offering a support tool for Alfasigma affiliates, partners and doctors, improving the knowledge about Carnitine and optimizing relations with KOL's in order to become a real online reference center on these issues.

The portal will contain different kinds of material and information: monographs, video lessons, educational videos, interviews with experts, slide packages and animated infographics.

This project arises from a need of countries and affiliates to have tools available to keep in touch with HCP remotely even if they can’t organize face to face meetings – underlines Andrea Nicolai, Corporate Carnitine & Nutraceuticals Marketing -. Originally, we thought of it as a tool for partners, then we made it accessible to doctors as well. We are working to make About Carnitine even more usable through the opening of interactive sharing/discussion spaces and the creation of online events and webinars for doctorsA special thanks goes to my colleague Maria Cirulli for her contribution to this project"


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