VEIN WEEK - Alfasigma leader among Vascular partners worldwide

This year, Alfasigma will be Sponsor of the Vein Week, organized by v-WIN Foundation (Scientific Society in Phlebology). The initiative will take place from April, 5th to 11th and on the occasion, a Geomap Calendar software was developed, showing, within an interactive map, vascular events uploaded to the platform by the organizers themselves, upon approval of v-WIN Foundation.

This new tool puts together local vascular initiatives into one single space, allowing access to updated contents without scheduling limits. Indeed, Vein Week (5-11 April) has been selected as an opportunity to launch the Geo-Calendar with a program of events and insights on selected topics every day.

Improving awareness about the impact of venous-lymphatic diseases on public health among HCPs is the main objective of the Vein Week project, which represents a “call to action” for Vascular Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) at international level.

“Supporting Vein Week is a great opportunity for Alfasigma to affirm itself as Vascular Partner worldwide – says Elisa Morini, Corporate Marketing Team Vascular Area -. Particularly, Vein Week is a completely new initiative with respect to the others. It can be described as a window for both vascular societies, international and local opinion leaders to showcase their local initiatives to a global audience. In this framework, Alfasigma could play a pivotal role in offering scientific societies and KOLs the chance to promote their initiatives on a global scale”




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