Alfasigma launches its first full digital hackathon - Alfathon

Three challenges to contribute to pharmaceutical research and innovation. Final prize of 5,000 euros for those who propose the best project. All projects will be evaluated for a further development


‘Alfathon', the first full digital hackathon created by Alfasigma, an Italian company among the big players on the international pharmaceutical market, is underway, in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the University of Bologna. Divided into three challenges, it will be possible to register for the competition from November 3rd to 30th.

The final prize of 5,000 euros will be awarded to the project in March 2021. The winners will be chosen from among those who present technologically advanced solutions in the field of pharmaceutical research and innovation and most capable of improving patient health.
Participants are expected to present a feasibility project, an innovative idea and a development plan, that Alfasigma will evaluate as a future project.

There are three areas on which the competition will focus.
The first will concern the development of a pharmaceutical form that innovates the way the active ingredients are released. The goal will be the study of an "oral" formulation platform for the drug delivery of drugs belonging to the "large molecule" class with particular reference to proteins or peptides or active fragments of protein origin.
The second will involve the development of software / hardware for the management of hepatic encephalopathy. In particular, the design of a tool - such as a device, app, or other - more simple, effective and intuitive to use, which allows to keep the evolution of the disease under control and which improves the quality of life of the patient suffering from this pathology.
Finally, the members will compete on the theme of "the advice of the pharmacist ever closer". In fact, over the last few years the pharmacy has been transformed into a real center for first consultation and health care.
The objective of this challenge is to develop a feasibility project for technological solutions, such as applications, platforms, software, apps, devices with ad hoc software which will make it possible for the pharmacist to counsel frail patients.

Alfathon is open to all those who are at least 18 years of age. Registration - to be submitted no later than November 30th, 2020 on the platform - can be done as a single individual or team member of up to 5 participants. After the registration participants will be contacted for a workshop with experts focused on the single challenge chosen. In December the projects will be submitted to the Hack Committee and then the top three will be selected for the final pitch.

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