Our online visibility increases further with the new Russian corporate website

The new corporate Alfasigma Russia website is online https://ru.alfasigma.com/. This new website meets most modern technical requirements, has a striking design and a very user friendly interface.

Alfasigma enhances its global footprint and visibility as an international player in the pharmaceutical sector.

Olga Glazkova, Alfasigma Russia Country Manager
Olga Glazkova, Alfasigma Russia Country Manager

“The new website will bring the company closer to doctors and patients and make communication easier and more efficient”, declares Olga Glazkova, Russian Country Manager.

The new website means:

  • transparency for patients: patients can find information both on products and on our company acquiring confidence in the quality of the product
  • always updated information for physicians, who will find all the needed information on products such as leaflets and on our company activities
  • easy access to information also for media from an economic and socio-environmental point of view

Browsing the Russian website you can read latest news, the company cultural values, stategy and history, learn about research and its products, share feedback and much more. The site corresponds to the corporate style and undoubtedly stands out from the sites of other pharmaceutical companies.

This became possible thanks to the close cooperation of several Corporate and Russian Departments. Colleagues from Russia note that such joint projects not only make it possible to do business more efficiently, but also blur the borders between countries.

“We all worked as a single mechanism, as if we were sitting in neighboring offices, and not in different countries,” comments Lukyanov Stefan, digital project specialist in Russia.



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