Alfathon: delivery completed, now we move on to the evaluation of the projects

3 challenges: from chemistry to software, from technologies to devices to support therapies

The award ceremony scheduled for 2021 will take place at the Alfasigma faculties in Pomezia 

The ideas contest launched by Alfasigma at the beginning of November 2020 concluded the phase relating to the development and delivery of projects by the participants on January 6th. Alfathon collected over 300 entries from both individuals and teams.

Almost 40 projects compete for the podium in the three challenges proposed by the Alfathon and different European and non-EU countries involved with participants from Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Russia and the United Kingdom. 30 participants, divided into teams, focused on the goal of the "Challenge 1" and delivered about 13 projects to develop a formulation platform that allows a prolonged release of the active ingredient maximizing its therapeutic action. Nine, however, were the ideas developed by about 27 participants who ventured into the "Challenge 2" with the aim of designing a digital tool that is easy to use and that could improve the quality of life of patients by bringing the pharmacist closer to his customers therefore making his counseling activity more efficient. Another 35 participants presented 14 projects competing for the "Challenge 3".

The Hack Committee, the jury made up of selected members from academia, research and innovation, will meet from mid-January to identify the three finalists who presented the best solutions - such as apps, websites, wearables, devices, pages and technological solutions, videos and other innovative projects - able to respond to the proposed challenges. The award ceremony will be during the inauguration of the new Pharmaceutical Research Center, Labio 4.0 Marino Golinelli, scheduled for the first half of 2021.

Alfathon is part of the company's digital transformation process and aims to encourage the development of innovative ideas and projects in an open research perspective.


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