The Alfasigma’s Founder celebrates a century of life and hundred of greetings from all over the world have come in for him

Marino Golinelli turns 100, but his is not a birthday like many. Hundreds of greetings from employees, friends and ordinary people have arrived from all over the world. These people paid tribute to a man whose life can only be a role model. A life always lived with a vision for the future and with a great sense of civic and cultural responsibility.

Born in 1920, he founded Biochimici Alfa in 1948 and since then the company has always played a leading role in the history of the pharmaceutical industry becoming first Alfa Wassermann and then - merging with Sigma Tau - Alfasigma, a large multinational group in Italian capital.

Over the years, Marino Golinelli has gone beyond his role as an entrepreneur, becoming a fundamental part of his community. A philanthropist who in 1988 decided to create the Golinelli Foundation in which he invests over 85 million euros of his personal wealth. An organization active in education, training, research and innovation that offers people tools to understand the future, promoting cultural growth, awareness and the ability to responsibly face the world of work with professionalism and humanity.

To celebrate the first hundred years of such a rich life, Alfasigma employees have created a website where greetings are published in the form of videos, text messages, photographs, poems, images and drawings. Hundreds of displays of affection from all over the world that symbolize the gratitude and love of a community that wants to thank a man like few others, a Cavaliere del lavoro and a real warrior in life.


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