Shreveport: a safety milestone

On April 2023, the Alfasigma USA Shreveport Factory achieved seven years without a lost time accident, which occurs when an employee is injured while on the job and, as a result, is unable to complete regularly assigned job duties.

The factory, who manufactures, packages, and distributes all the L-Methylfolate based products throughout the US market, has worked hard over the years to establish a safety culture that can be easily maintained to avoid any accidents.

With the support of leadership, and the commitment of each employee, the improvements have made a huge impact to the factory. Nikki Bland, Director of Supply Chain for ALUSA, and site safety coordinator, commented, “Each employee has contributed to this safety milestone.  Anything we feel is worth our time is also worth our best effort and I think this achievement shows our commitment to safety.”

The site is planning a safety celebration later this summer.


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